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([personal profile] hegemon Jun. 2nd, 2011 10:43 pm)
Ahhhhhhhhh life. I regret bringing anything up at all. It's a discussion I can't finish and I can't really shake the feeling I've just fucked everything up, that it would have been better to not say anything at all. I feel like this is a common theme, you know? They bring something up and I console them. I bring something up and not only is it stupid and illegitimate, but I end up apologizing, it's somehow my fault, I don't deserve the same kind of response I give.

Maybe it would have made me bitter, but at least I would have had something instead of nothing and lol look at me, writing into an empty journal, once again. It's been two years since the last time I did this and felt this way and I thought the promise we made was that I would never feel this way again.

I don't really know what I do to get to this place, time and time again, but if it isn't them, then it's me.

Only I'm tired of blaming me. I wish, for once, someone else would blame themselves and someone else would be the first to apologize.

Que sera sera.
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